N12 – Herzliya: A stranger enters a summer camp, distributes candy


Children in a kindergarten in Herzliya told a story last week that raised the suspicion of their parents. According to them, a foreign man entered the kindergarten with the permission of one of the staff women without a mask – while the parents of the children are not allowed to enter the kindergarten due to the corona restrictions. But this is only the first half of the story; The man later distributed sweets to the children – and asked them to congratulate Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Herzliya municipality said in response that this was a serious incident – and promised that it would be investigated.

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In a post written by Nitzan Weisberg, a social activist who lives on the city on Facebook, she claimed: “The children of a municipal summer camp in a bell garden in Herzliya returned home with different versions of the same strange story. The 5.5-year-old guy told his father: ‘ “He told us congratulations to Bibi Netanyahu and handed out waffles.”

Parents of children in the kindergarten were furious following the incident, and demanded answers from the kindergarten staff and the Herzliya municipality. The municipality ordered an investigation into the incident – and sharpened the procedures in all the educational institutions in the city.

Photo: Nitzan Waisberg, facebook

The Herzliya Municipality’s response: “According to the municipality’s procedures, entry to kindergartens by anyone who is not part of the permanent staff (including the parents of the kindergarten children!) Is prohibited. The Herzliya Municipality views the incident very seriously. ”


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