N12 – First Post | It turns out: these are the countries we can vacation in already in the summer


Returning to fly: After the Corona Cabinet approved last night (Wednesday) the outline of the opening of the sky in 10 days – tonight we publish for the first time the countries that are expected to approve the entry of Israelis into them. The emerging list currently includes 13 countries, including: Greece, Italy, Cyprus and Germany. As part of the emerging outline, the Ministries of Health and Foreign Affairs are trying to find a solution for tourists entering Israel within a month and a half.

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Israel is currently in contact with a number of countries: Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Jordan, Latvia, Finland, Georgia, Rwanda, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Germany and Austria. The initial list of “green” countries is currently being worked on by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health, to allow Israeli tourists to spend their summer vacation abroad, in the shadow of Corona.

Due to the high level of morbidity, some countries still do not allow Israeli citizens to enter their territory, and some require a corona examination before arrival. To enable this, Israir Airlines is also expected to market a vacation package in conjunction with a corona examination at one of the hospitals in the country. In recent days, there has been massive pressure on Greece – in order to allow tourists to arrive from Israel without the need for isolation.

Another issue that the Ministry of Health is trying to resolve is regarding countries that may become “red” due to the morbidity rate that may vary in them. Therefore, they are trying to formulate parameters and trends of morbidity, which will allow Israelis to fly in the safest way.

Inbound tourism is also on the agenda: the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Health are formulating a plan to bring tourists in capsules from “green” countries. According to the emerging plan, organized trips from abroad will be able to arrive in Israel in a supervised manner – without going into isolation. This is in order to revive the tourism industry in Israel, which suffered a severe blow during the corona period.

Flight to Italy
Will we take off again soon? Flight in the days of Corona | Photo: Ilan Arnon

Last night, the Corona cabinet approved the outline of the opening of the sky, which was agreed upon by Transport Minister Miri Regev, Health Minister Yuli Edelstein and Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi. According to the decision, the sky will reopen on August 16. “I thank Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for giving the green light to the opening of the skies,” said Minister Regev. “Together with the Minister of Health and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, we will work to implement the outline that will allow the skies to open and protect Israeli aviation.”


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