“My country – displaced my home”: When Ricky in a song hurts about deportation from Gush Katif


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Photo: Yosef Schelst

Fifteen years ago Matti Shrikki and his family were deported along with hundreds of other families from Gush Katif, now he has decided to break the silence with a personal and painful single about the loss, refusal of the order and the house that is no more.

“Every year on this day, my soul is battered by the life that was torn away from us in an instant,” says Ricky.

(Lyrics and melody: Matti Shrikki | Musical production and arrangement: Nadav Bitton)

The new single “Earth” describes the personal experience of a soldier who turns to his commanders and demands that they stay away from deportation operations. At that moment, Matti Shrikki’s estate and family were uprooted in that deportation.

“This year, on the fifteenth anniversary of the deportation of the Jews, I decided not to remain silent anymore, and to create a melody that speaks from the heart and heart of my deported family, forever,” says Shrikki.

“Being a soldier who protects my fellow citizens, my country – displaced my home” (Photo: Avraham Yitzhak Meir)

When it hurts in his song about a torn ground, a tree he climbed as a child, uprooted. Between the lines and the words he has enough of his childhood that he will not get to watch it again. Asks and longs for Gd the wounded estate from the heart of a child who grew up there who will soothe the wilderness and renew the face of the earth. In this song Mati uses more personal and exposed motifs than usual, as such a meaningful experience in his life the messages of his heart he expresses through sounds, voice and movement. The childhood seal was written, composed and illustrated in a quiet, spectacular and sweeping animation – Earth.

The new single joins more songs on the way to the album “Roads” on the way. “I’ve been through a very interesting path since the first album, I was interviewed for a comprehensive article on Channel 2 News, I participated in a reality show and I performed in Israel and abroad, but here I will always keep my place undermined.
So, this is a summary of the period, full of ways, “concludes Shrikki.

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