Municipality has cafe De Linde Groesbeek evacuated


On behalf of the municipality of Berg en Dal, the police evacuated café-restaurant De Linde in Groesbeek on Friday evening. The rules to prevent the spread of the coronavirus would not have been followed. A person was also arrested for insult. “That boy clapped at the police,” says Frans Derks of De Linde.

The action was confirmed by the police when asked after Omroep Gelderland received a tip. According to that tip, several police cars would have been used to evacuate the cafe. Details have not been revealed, such as how many people were simultaneously in the cafe. Nor whether fines have been issued.

Omroep Gelderland received a video of De Linde, which was allegedly made by the police shortly before intervention.

“We have made every effort to adhere to the protocol of the Royal Horeca Netherlands and the Safety Region,” says Derks. “I consider the police not to have complied with the rules.”

Derks does not know what is happening now. “We get another letter and we are talking.”

Monday more will be announced from the municipality or the safety region. Municipalities in all safety regions collect data on the enforcement of corona measures, to report to the National Operational Team Corona (LOTC).

“We were completely surprised”

De Linde received a warning from the Security Region on Thursday afternoon for guests not observing a meter and a half distance. “If an offense was detected again by reporting officers, measures would follow,” De Linde reports in writing Omroep Gelderland.

The café-restaurant further reports that ‘we were completely surprised on Friday evening at 8:20 pm by a visit from the police who announced that we had to evacuate our company within fifteen minutes, because we were said to have broken the corona rules that evening. We believe that that evening there was no question of a situation that would justify such intervention. Nevertheless, five police cars were present at one o’clock to force closure. ‘


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