Mulan’s postponed film can be seen on Disney + | streaming service in September NOW


The Disney movie Mulan, which will actually be released at the end of July, can be seen from Disney + on September 4. The live action remake of the animated film from 1998 will therefore appear in cinemas, Disney announces.

Because of the coronavirus Mulan already postponed several times. At the end of July it was announced that the film has been removed from the release calendar.

“We now need to think about how we can do things differently,” said Disney CEO Bob Chapek CNN know. “We think it is important to show this family film to the public in time.”

Supposed to Mulan in the United States from September 4 for an amount of $ 29.99 (over 25 euros) can be seen through Disney +. It is not yet clear what Dutch Disney + customers have to pay to see the film. In countries where the streaming service is not available and where the cinemas are open, will Mulan just be shown on the silver screen.

Several major films have been postponed indefinitely due to the pandemic. So is the sequel to Avatar instead of seeing the end of 2021 at the end of 2022 and the still untitled Star WarsThe film, which was planned for 2022, will now hit theaters late 2023.


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