Mouth mask obligation? 73% of the Dutch think it is PRIMA – The Daily Standard


Although there are quite a few people on Twitter who dislike mouth masks, let alone a possible mouth mask obligation, the majority of the Dutch think very differently. Research shows that the vast majority more than understand a mouth mask obligation.

73% understand when a mask is required – both nationally and regionally, for example in the big cities. That is a significantly higher number than I thought. But yes, it proves for the umpteenth time that Twitter and ‘society’ are not one and the same.

That said, 44% is against imposing such a mask. Only 34% are currently in favor of it. Indeed, the rest is neutral.

“Three quarters understand if a mouth mask should be imposed and says ‘then it should be’, but more people are against such an obligation than before,” explains researcher Krijn Vugts in the Algemeen Dagblad.

We already know that in some parts of the country. We already know that. See Rotterdam and Amsterdam. There is a good chance that such a duty will be followed elsewhere. There is such a duty in almost all of Europe. Only in the Netherlands people still walk around without a cap because RIVM tells everyone that caps do not work.

Well, except in public transport and the plane. There they suddenly magically work according to the RIVM.

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