Mother digs tunnel to free son from cell Abroad


The woman, whose identity has not been revealed, rented a house near the prison in the southern city of Zaporizhia where her son is serving a life sentence.

The woman had clearly taken the necessary precautions. She used spades and pickaxes and only worked at night to avoid drawing attention, Daily Mail reports. She stayed indoors during the day. To get to the spot where she was digging, she used a silent electric scooter. She moved the mud with some kind of briefcase and dumped it at a garage that was no longer in use.

The tools the woman used.

The tools the woman used.

In total, she worked on the tunnel for three weeks before she was caught. Police think she shoveled 3,000 pounds of earth back then.

Residents of the town are deeply impressed by the woman’s action: “This mother was well prepared. She may be a miner’s daughter. To dig ten feet would be difficult enough. She didn’t have an excavator or anything like that. ”


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