More than twenty people interrogated for disturbances in The Hague | NOW


More than twenty people who were arrested during disturbances in the Schilderswijk in The Hague during the night from Thursday to Friday, are still in prison and will be interrogated on Friday morning.

The more than twenty detainees will be interrogated in the course of the morning, a police spokesperson told

Because the suspects have been arrested for various crimes, it is still difficult to say exactly what will happen to them.

“People have been arrested for sedition and vandalism, but someone has also been arrested for assaulting a cop,” said the spokesman.

The municipality of The Hague issued an emergency order in response to the riots in the night from Thursday to Friday. At the beginning of the evening, neighborhood prevention and community police officers were in the Schilderswijk to keep the peace. When young people gathered around 11 p.m. and started to stir up unrest, the atmosphere changed.

Just like the day before, they threw eggs, stones and heavy fireworks at police officers. At around 2.30 am, police officers were pelted with stones from the roofs by young people.

Unrest possibly due to heat

The police spokesperson cannot explain why the young people caused unrest. “It could be because of the heat, which makes people all look for the same places to cool off. Or because fewer events are organized, but it remains speculation.”

According to the spokesman, the Hague police will remain alert in the Schilderswijk for the coming nights. The police is also in close contact with neighborhood watch through community police officers. Mayor Jan van Zanen was also in the neighborhood on Thursday afternoon to support the residents.


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