More than half of the visitors to the catering industry are bothered by the laxness of other guests


Six in ten Dutch catering visitors are annoyed by the indifference of fellow guests with regard to the corona measures.

This is shown by a survey conducted by among more than a thousand Dutch people, carried out by Panelwizard. Of all respondents, 49 percent think that the corona measures in the catering industry are generally poorly observed.

Many young people are annoyed when visiting catering establishments

Strikingly enough, especially young people (60 percent) and the elderly (66 percent) are annoyed by the (in their view) loose (er) attitude of other catering visitors. Among people in their thirties, this percentage is 53 percent. “When you sit on the terrace with a beer in your hand, it is easy to forget the misery of the past few months,” says Vince Franke of “Although I try to adhere to the RIVM regulations as much as possible, things sometimes go wrong. Before you know it, you are already sitting around the table with too many people. I understand that this can be very frustrating for other guests. ”

A card with different ages who are bothered by laxity in the catering industry

Timeslots in horeca

In addition to the lax attitude of other guests, the obligatory timeslots are also a source of annoyance for many catering visitors. Half of the respondents say that they enjoy their food and / or drinks less. In combination with the other corona measures, this leads to, according to 36 percent of the respondents, that the price-quality ratio in the catering industry is currently below par. Limburgers (49 percent) are the most critical of this, Utrechters (29 percent) the least. Franke: “Of course the timeslots took some getting used to, but personally I am in favor of it. Instead of dining and sticking endlessly, you know very clearly where you stand and you can even plan seamlessly around it. If you really want to dine extensively, an hour and a half is a bit too tight. Maybe an exception could be made for that. ”

A map with an overview where people find the price-quality ratio good or bad

Invite at home

The study also shows that 70 percent of the respondents think that the catering industry has not become more fun because of the corona measures. 63 percent of them therefore prefer to meet at home with visitors than in a café or restaurant. People in their thirties are least inclined to invite friends and / or family back home at 59 percent. Franke: “For me, going out for an evening is really an outing where the experience comes first. I notice that I am a bit more wary because of the coronavirus, so I enjoy my drink and drink less. Very natural, because nothing has changed in terms of service and quality. As a guest you may be even more pampered at the moment than before. ”

A map with an overview of in which provinces people are most bothered in the catering industry

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More than half of the visitors to the catering industry are bothered by the laxness of other guests


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