more than 600 new corona infections


The corona virus is spreading through the Netherlands at an increasingly rapid pace. In the past day, the RIVM health service has received 601 reports of new corona infections.

That is the highest number since April 26 and the eighth day in a row with more than 300 new cases. On Wednesday, the government’s corona dashboard reported 426 new infections. Just over 3,000 new infections have been reported in the past seven days.

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Record in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam region set a new record in the last 24 hours. Between Wednesday morning and Thursday morning, 160 new infections were discovered there. That’s more than the 149 new cases reported in and around the capital on Tuesday.

In Rotterdam and surroundings, another major source of fire, 119 new cases have been added since Wednesday. 81 people were tested positive in and around The Hague, 51 people in the province of Utrecht and 42 in the region of Central and West Brabant.

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