More than 2000 new corona infections expected at RIVM update


Health organization RIVM, like every Tuesday, comes with an update of the number of new corona infections reported in the past week. Looking at the daily updates from the institute and the government’s corona dashboard, that number will be well above 2000.

In the previous week, 1329 new infections had been reported, 987 in the previous week. This equates to 2316 infections in two weeks.

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Rotterdam coronabrandhaard

Rotterdam is the largest seat of fire. About 400 new cases have been identified in the city last week. Amsterdam recorded about 250 new cases, The Hague about 200. The number of hospital admissions and the number of deaths does not yet show any major changes.

RIVM will also announce on Tuesday whether the reproduction number has increased. That figure indicates how fast the virus is spreading. Last week, the number was 1.4, meaning that a group of 100 corona patients infected an average of 140 others who in turn made 196 people sick. A week earlier, the reproduction number was 1.29. If the reproduction number is above 1, the virus spreads. If the number is less than 1, the outbreak slowly dies out.



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