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Apple released its fiscal Q2 fiscal figures last week. Those figures showed record sales for the Cupertino company, which was partly due to the sale of the iPad. Canalys delves a little deeper into those figures.

Thanks to a new study by the company, it is clear to what extent Apple is ahead of the competition. Canalys does this, among other things, by listing the number of shipped iPads. Figures that Apple itself did not disclose.

iPad still immensely popular in 2020

Last week, Apple revealed that the iPad was responsible for much of its sales. As much as $ 6.58 billion in the second quarter (third fiscal quarter) came from tablet sales. Canalys analyzes these figures and estimates how many actual models are involved. According to the company, it concerns 14.2 million units shipped.

Thanks to the good quarter, Apple has a 38% share of the tablet market. Despite the fact that the Cupertino company has had a very good quarter, it is losing out in that area. Apple lost 2% market share with the iPad.

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Greater growth for competition

So Apple has a market share of 38% and hands in 2%. The entire tablet market is growing by 26.1% compared to the same period last year. Samsung ranks second in that market with an 18% share. Huawei is in third place with 12% and Amazon in fourth place with 8%.

Despite the fact that Apple is still the largest with ease, the competition experienced greater growth. The number of shipped iPad models grew by 19.8%, while Samsung saw a growth of 39.2%. Huawei grew by 44.5% and Amazon saw growth of 37.1%.

The most recent tablet from Apple is the iPad Pro (2020). Curious how good that tablet is and what we thought of it? Read the review here!


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