More announcements during the second Future Games Show


The Future Games Show, the ‘not E3 presentation’ from publisher Future, returns on August 28. Hopefully they have another juicy announcement for us.

The second Future Game Show will take place on August 28. Gamesradar says that.

The platform describes the live stream as “a fantastic presentation with exclusive trailers, announcements and a deep dive into existing AAA and indie games coming in 2020 and beyond.”

It also shares that, among other things, Dustborn from Dreamfall makers Red Thread Games, co-op game Operation: Tango and stealth game Serial Cleaners will be shown.

Gamesadar is part of Future. Future is the publisher of major platforms such as Techradar, PC Gamer, PlayStation Magazine UK, Xbox Magazine UK and Edge.

The presentation can be viewed on Friday 28 August at 9 p.m. on Twitch and YouTube.


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