Monster search: ‘Missing teen’s body may have drifted far’ | Inland


“It is no longer a rescue operation, but a salvage operation,” says a spokesman for the Haaglanden Security Region. Friday evening went completely wrong around 8.50 pm when the teenager was swimming with two others. “Three teenagers had gone swimming. They swam against the current and got into trouble. Passers-by saw that they were in trouble and could save two teenagers. ”

A large search was then launched for the third teenager. For example, dozens of volunteers walked in a line through the water and searched from the sea with lifeboats and vehicles along the coast. The search was on the water until 10 pm and along the coastline until 11 pm. That did not produce any results, after which the search was resumed this morning at around 5 a.m.

The search is made more difficult because of the strong current. “We don’t know where the body is. There was a strong current to the south. The body may have drifted to Hoek van Holland, “said the spokesman for the safety region. The Coast Guard will deploy an aircraft on Saturday to search. The Rescue Brigade searches for a while and then expects more crowds from recreationists, so that they have to stop searching. The KNRM is present with two lifeboats and a vehicle on the Sand Motor.

The Sand Motor is a large artificial sandbank off the coast of South Holland, which was constructed by Rijkswaterstaat to eventually make the beach wider and promote dune growth.


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