Monster search for missing teenager resumes at Monster NOW


Emergency services have resumed the search for the missing teenager off Monster’s coast since Friday evening at first light on Saturday morning. On Friday, the rescue services stopped the search around 10 p.m. due to the falling darkness.

A group of three swimmers got into trouble in the sea on Friday around 7.50 pm. This happened at the Sand Motor, an artificial peninsula that was created in 2011 to protect the coast south of The Hague.

Beachgoers managed to save two out of three people, but saw a third person go down.

The three swimmers ran into problems after swimming a bit in the sea and being carried away by the strong southern current. Then they failed to swim back.

The rescue brigade, the coastguard, the fire brigade and the police started a large-scale search including rescue boats and helicopters. Dozens of volunteers also helped search the sea by forming a long ribbon.


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