Monique Westenberg is fed up with all criticism: don’t interfere


Monique has once faced hotter fires when it comes to negative comments on Instagram, but today her boiling point has been reached. The photo in question shows how the two Hazes cousins ​​are playing together. A unique fact, because a few weeks ago there was no contact between André and sister Roxeanne at all.

Yet the comments are not about the long-awaited reunion, but the zipper bracelets that André Junior wears. A shame according to a number of followers, especially with this heat. Monique disagrees, she responds strongly: ‘She likes to wear that kid herself, so I don’t interfere. You should consider it too. ”

Roxeanne and André have embraced each other again this week after years of radio silence. Much to the delight of their mother. “My biggest wish is that the children and grandchildren are back together,” a happy Rachel told RTL Boulevard. Watch the entire video below:


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