Monique Smit is honest about her violent delivery


It was a ‘lightning delivery’ when she had her first son Noah, but that sounds nicer than it was. “My delivery went very well, but I was attached after Naoh. And something went wrong there. I suffered for months and had inflammation,” says Monique. “And I wanted to breastfeed, but it didn’t work. So I had inflammation above and below (…) I did have the moment when I thought: is this it? I think I was on the edge. was a very intense period for me. ”

“Everyone said I would be on a pink cloud. And I didn’t have one,” Monique explains Podnataal. “I was sitting on a dark gray cloud. I thought: I have a very beautiful child, but I’m only in pain (…) I really felt like I was failing.” She was ashamed that it was not as she had hoped. Only later in an interview did she admit how troubled she had been. Moreover, she was wrongly helped after the first delivery and that hurt her a lot, so she did not know if she ever wanted to have a baby again.

In the end, Monique still had a second child, Luca. That went a lot smoother. “Without a cut, without tearing,” she says. Only then did Monique realize what others were going through during a delivery. “Then I had to cry so hard. Then I thought: that’s how it can be (…) This is what people mean by that pink cloud. Then I had it.”

Monique will have a co-mom soon. Katy Perry is on the lookout and recently showed her huge baby belly to Bridget Maasland. You can see it in the video below.


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