Mobile versions of G Suite apps get new features and functions


Google will introduce a number of new features in the G Suite apps, including Smart Compose and links previews for Docs.

Slides will have a new vertical scrollbar stream, which makes it easier to zoom in on a specific slide from a presentation. This should not only make it easier to edit individual slides, but also offer the option to focus on a specific part during a presentation. Google expects to roll out that feature for Android and iOS in the coming weeks.

For Google Docs, a feature for Android users will be introduced, which can already be found on iOS: link previews. Links added to a Docs file, when clicked, will first preview with information such as the content of the content, the owner and the title / description of the link including thumbnail. It can then be decided to click on the link, without this happening automatically. For Android, this feature will be launched in the coming weeks.

In addition to the two major feature changes, Android users will also immediately have the option to use a dark mode in Docs, Sheets and Slides. An option that won’t be coming to iOS until the next few months. Finally, the Smart Compose feature that was launched earlier this year will also be brought to the mobile version of Google Docs. The web version already had the feature, which would allow users to write a document faster: Google actively thinks about the words that can be used after a typed word. iOS and Android users can also expect that feature in the coming weeks.


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