MLAG confirmed: For the first time, a representative of Ariel University will serve as a staff member


The PLO plenum today approved the candidacy of Prof. Shiri Navon-Venice for the position of member of the Planning and Budgeting Committee. Navon-Venice serves as a full professor in the Department of Molecular Biology and the School of Medicine at Ariel University. Heads the Laboratory for the Study of Pathogenic Bacteria and Antibiotic Resistance and serves as Head of the Department of Molecular Biology.

Navon-Venice, holds a bachelor’s degree (BSc) from the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering from the Technion, a master’s degree (MSc) and a doctorate from the Faculty of Life Sciences at Tel Aviv University. Established and managed for over 10 years the Laboratory for Molecular Epidemiology and Antibiotic Resistance at Tel Aviv Medical Center which became the National Laboratory of National Center for Pollution Prevention And antibiotic resistance.

Prof. Navon-Venice has been researching the molecular mechanisms and understanding of the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria of clinical relevance in hospitals and the community for over 20 years, including the development of new approaches to the treatment of infectious diseases.

Prof. Shiri Navon-Venice. Photo: Ariel University PR

The chairman of the MLAG, the Minister of Higher and Complementary Education, MK Zeev Elkin, said that he congratulated Prof. Shiri Navon Venice on her election to the Planning and Budgeting Committee of the Council for Higher Education (WT) and added that Prof. Navon Venice has an impressive professional record In the field of molecular biology. I have no doubt that Prof. Navon Venice will make a special contribution to LUT. I thank the chairman and the professor, Prof. Yaffa Zilberschutz, and the members of the MLAG, for their support of Prof. Navon Venice today, despite the heavy pressure exerted on them by the committee of university heads. ”

Elkin added that he “calls on the heads of the universities (and the US) to put aside the disagreements and mobilize to work together hand in hand towards Opening of an academic year In the shadow of the corona crisis and in preparation for the preparation of a new five-year plan for higher education that will provide a correct solution to the challenges facing a higher education system. ”

Prof. Yaffa Zilbershtz, Chair of the MLAG, added that she “welcomes Prof. Nachon to the companies of BOT and to the partnership in advancing the challenges of the higher education system in general and in these times of crisis.”

Ariel University stated that they congratulate Prof. Shiri Navon of Venice on her election to the post of member of the PTA. “Prof. Navon Venice is a leading researcher in the field of molecular biology, and her research has a great impact on the world of research and the community. There is no doubt that her scientific work, academic experience and the variety of positions she has filled so far will greatly contribute to the advancement of higher education in Israel. ”


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