MK Maklev against Netanyahu: If an annual budget leads to an election, we will not support it


Senior members of the two ultra-Orthodox parties – Shas and Torah Judaism – say they will make it clear to Netanyahu that going to the polls following disagreement over the budget outline will result in their refusal to support it during the election campaign. This was reported this morning (Tuesday) by journalist Zeev Kam on Net B.

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Such a message actually threatens to end the alliance between the ultra-Orthodox parties and Netanyahu, and includes refusing to sign letters of support or declarations of commitment to the right-wing bloc, and a failure to recommend Netanyahu to the president the day after the election.

The threat that the ultra-Orthodox will place at Netanyahu’s doorstep is the fulfillment of their commitment to Bnei Gantz and Blue and White to be guarantors of the coalition agreement between the Likud and Blue and White and to do everything to prevent elections.

MK Uri Maklev said this morning in an interview with Kalman Liebskinged and Assaf Lieberman on the B network: “If an annual budget leads to an election, we will not support it. The State of Israel needs a budget now. We will not help bring elections, if a law comes to postpone the deadline for submitting the budget, we will not be partners in it. ”

Blue and white chairman Benny Gantz has stuck to his demand to pass a biennial budget.

At the faction meeting in the Knesset yesterday, Ganz made it clear to my blue-and-white members that he would not change his position, “even if we pay prices,” as he put it.

It was reported last night that the heads of Torah Judaism, Minister Yaakov Litzman and MK Moshe Gafni, met – each separately – with Ganz in an attempt to persuade him to compromise.

Ganz made it clear to both of them that he insisted that the prime minister abide by the coalition agreement – and the meetings took place without agreements.


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