MK Kahana: “Rabbi Peretz currently mainly represents himself”


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        <div class="post_main_pic"><img src="" alt="H&quot;About Kahana: &quot;Rabbi Peretz currently mainly represents himself. "" width="650" height="331" /></div> MK Matan Kahana (right) responded to Bnei Titlebaum's program here, a legacy to call on Minister Rabbi Peretz to cooperate with Bennett and Shaked, according to which the door was not slammed or closed.</p>    <p>I have a lot of respect for Rabbi Rafi Peretz for his military career, I love him but at the moment he mainly represents himself.  We did not want this farewell, Rabbi Rafi decided to leave us.  Religious Zionism with the ideological right are represented in the 'right' party with great power.</p> <p><strong>Politics is the art of the possible, there is no chance?</strong></p> <p>There is no choice tomorrow.  We are currently busy outlining to our prime ministers the way what needs to be done.  No parties and coalitions are currently being built.  When it comes we will think.</p> <div class="embed_post_container" id="477067">
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Rabbi Rafi Peretz: “Wants to return to collaborating with Bennett and Shaked”


I would like to return to collaborate with them together

Minister Rabbi Peretz warns: “Religious Zionism will not be able to raise its head if we continue to walk limply and with a few heads. I would like to return to cooperating with them. I did not part with a slamming of a door, I do not feel they parted from me with a sense of closing a door, I’m sure they understand we had “Different considerations. You have to put things behind you and do a long and orderly procedure. Go to the census, to the primaries, find the way and combine forces together. I have always met with a value-based and responsible group, I am sure the considerations will be relevant.” He is convinced and directed at Bennett, Shaked and Smutrich.

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Peretz diagnoses and raises in the same breath polls that until recently were heard here from other parties: “The election is not here yet. There is time to think about how to connect all the forces in religious Zionism. The public wants it, we want it. None of the three – the new right, the union The national and the Jewish home – will not pass if we run alone. ”

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