MK Eichler accuses: “Loose MKs do not stop the High Court rule”


Member of Knesset Israel Eichler spoke today (Monday) in the Knesset plenum, in which he criticized the Knesset members for not restraining the High Court, which is trampling on their decisions.

Eichler emphasized that the MKs’ problem is that their status is already zero before the court: “The legal system has long since eliminated the status of the Knesset. Just today, the Supreme Court ruled to prevent the demolition of the terrorist who murdered Amit Ben Yigal the 14th in the name of protecting the rights of the murderers.

Anyone who has heard the cry of the bereaved father knows that the judges stuck the last nail in the coffin of the public trust in the High Court. But unlike the elected Knesset, the judges are confident in their rule. And in scorpions.

Who gives them the power to corrupt? “The lax Knesset members who are not on guard do not retain the authority of elected officials and are unable to stand on the status of democracy in the face of the rule of law.”


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