Mistrust of Bouchez puts Lachaert on the block – De Standaard


  1. Mistrust of Bouchez puts Lachaert in front of De Standaard block
  2. “99.9% sure that the bubble of five parties wants to go on, no one is still in favor of MR” Het Laatste Nieuws
  3. De Wever and Magnette get another week to discharge Bouchez: “I trust him, to make everything fail” Het Nieuwsblad
  4. De Wever (N-VA) puts verbal pressure on Open Vld, but is no closer to his government – newsmonkey newsmonkey
  5. Federal preformers Paul Magnette (PS) and Bart De Wever (N-VA) continue until August 8 VRT NWS
  6. View full story via Google News


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