Missing 15-year-old boy in Monster not found, search ended Inland


On Saturday, the National Underwater Search Team of the police and the dredging team SOAD from Urk continued to look for the boy. The area was also tracked from the air by a Coast Guard aircraft. Earlier searches were done with lifeboats and vehicles from the Royal Dutch Rescue Society (KNRM) and the rescue brigade in the sea and on land.

The teenager got in trouble with two friends on Friday night around 8:50 PM. After a passer-by raised the alarm, two of them could be taken out of the water. The third swimmer is still missing. Several lifeboats and helicopters were deployed on Friday evening. In the surf, bathers also formed a human chain to find the teenager.

The Sand Motor is a large artificial sandbank off the coast of South Holland, which was constructed by Rijkswaterstaat to eventually make the beach wider and promote dune growth.


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