Ministry of Health: The death toll from Corona has risen to 612


The Ministry of Health announced tonight (Monday) that six more corona patients had died since the morning hours. In the last 24 hours, 12 patients died, bringing the number of deaths as a result of the virus’ complications to 612.

Yesterday, 884 new infections were diagnosed. This low figure is attributed to the sharp decline in the number of tests, which amounted to only 12,149. The rate of positive tests is about 7.3%.

Currently, the number of active patients stands at 24,780, of whom 811 are hospitalized. The condition of 388 patients is severely defined, including 112 respirators. 160 patients are in fair condition. At the outbreak of the plague, 84,381 people were infected in Israel; 58,986 patients recovered from the disease.

At the end of it, Health Ministers Yuli Edelstein and Finance Minister Israel Katz met today with representatives of the Medical Association, which last night declared a labor dispute. At the end of the discussion, the ministers assumed that no doctor would be fired at this time. Edelstein and Katz instructed their officials to make sure that the 600 doctors’ standards given for corona and winter reinforcement would be absorbed into the health care system. Earlier this morning, the Ministry of Finance’s Commissioner for Wages and Employment Agreements, Kobi Bar Natan, and the chairman of the Medical Association, Prof. Zion Hagai, signed an agreement regulating the payment to doctors who went into isolation due to exposure to the virus as part of their medical work. They have sick days for the isolation period.

The Minister of Finance welcomed the signing of the agreement with the Medical Association: “The doctors, doctors and medical staff are at the forefront of the war against the corona virus, and it is our duty to take care and provide them with the conditions to meet their mission and enable them to save lives.” Katz stressed that “out of appreciation and appreciation for the mobilization of the medical staff to work around the clock, I have assumed that no doctor will be fired. This step is in addition to all the measures I formulated in order to support the medical staff during this challenging and intense period.”

Health Minister Edelstein added: “The doctors, together with all the medical staff, are at the forefront of the State of Israel’s struggle in Corona. Our conclusion is due to them. On behalf of all Israeli citizens, I salute them for their dedicated work for many months for public health.”


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