Ministry of Health: Anyone who comes into contact with a verified patient will be examined


Yossi Aloni / Flash 90

The Ministry of Health announced tonight (Monday) a change in the corona testing policy, and that from now on anyone who has been in contact with a verified patient will be tested – even if he has no symptoms, News 12 reported.

At the beginning of the spread of the corona virus, this was the testing policy, but due to the heavy loads that accumulated in the various hospitals and health funds, it was decided to test only those who were in contact with a patient and had symptoms.

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Sharon Elrai, the replacement for Professor Sadecki as head of the ministry’s health services, is leading this new policy. Because she believes that this is the move that will lead to the amputation of the adhesive chains more effectively.

According to News 12, the Ministry of Health has agreed in principle to change the corona testing policy, and the HMOs are expected to be updated on this in the coming days. Another thing being considered by the Ministry of Health these days is to refer for examination the following in contact with a verified patient without the need to refer a doctor.

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