Minister Steinitz: “Calls on the police to arrest and interrogate Yona Abrushmi”


Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz called this morning to investigate the killer, Yona Abrushmi. “I watched in astonishment the incitement to violence of the killer Yona Abrushmi. As someone still carrying souvenirs of his murders and violence, in the form of shrapnel from the grenade he threw, I call on the Israeli police and law enforcement authorities to arrest and interrogate Abrushmi for calling for violence and bloodshed on the left.” His Twitter.

He said, “Just as the calls for the assassination of Prime Minister Netanyahu and his family members should not be silenced, so it is impossible to accept the call for violence by the vile murderer Yona Abrushmi, who murdered the late Emil Grinzwig, and wounded me and other people.”


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