Minister Schouten is getting up to date with the family from Staphorst about the consequences of feed measures


From 1 September, concentrates for cows may contain less protein. Farmer Hendrik Spiker explained why he believes the feeding measures that the ministry wants to implement will turn out badly. The reduced amount of protein results in less ammonia (which contains nitrogen) emissions and this so-called nitrogen space can then be used to make the construction of houses and roads possible.

Farmers again feel caught, hence the protests in recent months.

Bad for cows

According to Spiker, the measure is counterproductive and is bad for his three hundred cows and his farm management. “Together with my wife Klaasje and our adviser, I touched on matters that the minister apparently did not know yet,” says Hendrik, who looks back on a good conversation.

Minister Schouten sat at the kitchen table. There were also the six children of the Spikers. The farming family had sent the minister a letter a few months ago explaining why the measures are not good for the industry. For that reason Carola Schouten came to visit.

Also in Rouveen

Before visiting the farming family, Minister Schouten Rouveen visited Cheese Specialties. There she was shown around by director Klaas Hokse, among others. Rouveen’s largest employer and the most unique cheese maker in the world wants to specialize even further and is investing twenty million euros.

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