Minister Regev: “Where are the women of the left? Was Sarah Netanyahu’s blood allowed?”


The Minister of Transportation, Miri Regev, this evening (Tuesday) visited members of the Knesset and left-wing organizations on her Facebook page, for not saying a word about the events of honoring the Prime Minister’s wife, Sarah Netanyahu; At the anarchist demonstrations in Balfour.

Regev wrote: “The hypocritical leftists. This shocking video reveals blatant, barbaric and anarchist sexual violence against Mrs. Netanyahu. Some hypocrisy. We must wake up.

Where are all the women’s organizations? Where are all the righteous and hypocritical left-wing women? What happened to you? Mrs. Netanyahu is a mother, she is a wife, how much can she be humiliated? To trample her? Chase her? How far will we go?

Where is Meirav Michaeli? Shelly Yachimovich’? Where is Orna Barbibai? Zehava Galon? Where are all the righteous and hypocritical opposition women who are silent in the face of blatant sexual violence – against Ms. Netanyahu.

Was dummy allowed? Mrs. Sarah Netanyahu deserves respect and protection like any other woman in Israel.

Dear Sarah – behind you and beside you stand many women, strengthening you, proud of you and thanking you – for your work and contribution to Israeli society. ”


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