Minister Rafi Peretz is infected in Corona, Elkin will enter isolation


The Minister of Jerusalem and Heritage, Rabbi Rafi Peretz, announced last night (Sunday) that he was positive about the corona virus. Following this, the Minister of Higher Education and Water Resources, Zeev Elkin, went into isolation for the coming week, after meeting with Peretz at a cabinet meeting on Sunday. Peretz wrote on his Twitter account that “when Shabbat came out, it unfortunately became clear that I came out positive for the corona test I did on Friday.” He added that he was “currently feeling well andI wish complete healing to all Israeli patients. ”

In addition to Elkin, several other ministers were present at the cabinet meeting, and they will probably also be required to go into isolation. I was, like several other ministers, with him in the same room the previous Sunday during the cabinet meetingTweeted Elkin. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was also at the same meeting, and his office said that the epidemiological investigation that would determine whether he would have to stay in solitary confinement had not yet been completed. The Ministry of Health ordered the commander of the Jerusalem district, Superintendent Doron Yedid, to remain in solitary confinement after meeting with Peretz. The Knesset officer, Joseph Griff, informed everyone who was near Peretz, who was staying at the Mishkan on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, to stay at home until instructions were received from the Ministry of Health.

Prior to an investigation that confirmed Peretz’s infection, it was learned last week that his office’s CEO, Avi Cohen, had contracted in Corona, and Peretz and his office employees were asked to stay in solitary confinement.


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