Minister Rafi Peretz announced that he had been diagnosed with corona


The Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage, Rafi Peretz, announced tonight (Saturday) that he has been diagnosed with corona. He is the second government minister in Corona. He was preceded by Yaakov Litzman, who fell ill in Corona when he served as Minister of Health in the previous government.

“When Shabbat came out, it became clear to me that I was positive about the corona examination I did on Friday. I am currently feeling well and wish a complete cure for all Israeli patients,” said Minister Rafi Peretz in a tweet.

Rafi Peretz Photo: AP

The Ministry of Health announced this evening (Saturday) that since yesterday afternoon, 14 Israelis infected with the corona virus have died. Yesterday, 1,358 new verified patients were diagnosed and 22,890 tests were deciphered.

Since the outbreak of the plague, 526 Israelis have died. 328 of the patients in critical condition, 95 respirators.

Prof. Ran Blitzer, head of the Corona Project’s team, Prof. Roni Gamzo, analyzed the corona’s situation in Israel in recent days at noon, warned of the approaching winter and clarified that stabilizing the number of daily infections is still fragile and does not allow for relief any time soon.

“320 critically ill patients are currently hospitalized,” Blitzer wrote on Twitter. “The reaction of many to this number is something like not good, but not terrible. The truth is that almost 1,000 critically ill patients were added in July, compared to 100 in June,” he explained. “About 200 have already died this month (10 die a day now!), And hundreds have recovered under dedicated care.

A team member dealing with the epidemic said that currently two types of predictions can be made. The first, an estimate of the number of new serious patients in the coming week based on last week’s data, and another model of contracting or dying within a month. Blitzer, however, wrote that “these (the second type, long-term) are models with a huge range of error, and in practice, the very presentation of them usually leads to a reaction that prevents their realization.”

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health officially published for the first time the full morbidity data of the neighborhoods in Jerusalem, and these indicate a serious outbreak in the ultra-Orthodox and Arab sectors. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 11,879 residents have been infected in Jerusalem, 4,500 more than the second city on the list, Bnei Brak. The number of active patients in Jerusalem – 4,096 – is also the highest in the country, more than twice as high as in Bnei Brak.


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