Minister Rafi Peretz announced: I was diagnosed with corona


The Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage, Rafi Peretz, updated his Twitter account tonight (Saturday) that he has been diagnosed with coronary heart disease. “When Shabbat came out, it unfortunately became clear that I had a positive result of the corona examination I did on Friday,” Peretz wrote. “Feeling good at the moment and wishing complete healing to all Israeli patients.”

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Shortly after Rafi Peretz’s announcement, the police announced that the Jerusalem District Commander, Superintendent Doron Yedid, had been forced into solitary confinement after meeting last week with the minister who had been diagnosed with corona. The deputy commander of the district, Lt. Gen. Eli Kazari, will be replaced during the isolation. A few minutes before entering solitary confinement, a friend was standing at a demonstration near Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence on Balfour Street.

On Wednesday, it became known that the director general of Peretz’s office, Avi Cohen, was diagnosed as positive for the virus. On Wednesday, he was in the Knesset and on Monday he spoke in the plenum. Due to this, Minister Peretz went into isolation.

On Monday, one of Peretz’s positive advisers to Corona was found. The last time the adviser was with the minister was last Tuesday. Also, additional consultants and office workers who came in contact with the same consultant went into isolation.

Earlier this evening, the Knesset announced that MKs Avi Dichter, Osnat Mark and Eli Cohen, as well as three of their advisers, had entered home isolation in light of their exposure to a verified patient with the corona virus who met with them in the Knesset on July 27.

Representatives of the Ministry of Health contacted Knesset members and advisers, updated them on the details of the investigation, and at the same time updated the Knesset officer, Superintendent Joseph Griff, on the findings. The isolation of Knesset members and advisers is expected to end on August 10.


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