Minister Peretz was diagnosed with corona: These are the ministers who are entering isolation


Following the announcement by Minister Rafi Peretz that he had been diagnosed with corona, a large number of government and Knesset employees were placed in solitary confinement today.

Knesset Spokesman Shmulik Dahan announced that following an epidemiological investigation conducted by representatives of the Ministry of Health, it appears that Ministers Zeev Elkin, Yaakov Avitan, Orly Levy Abacis and some of their advisers were required to go into domestic isolation in light of their exposure to Minister Peretz.

Representatives of the Ministry of Health contacted the ministers and advisers, updated them on the details of the investigation and also updated the Knesset officer, Superintendent Joseph Griff, with the findings. The isolation of the ministers is expected to end on August 9.

Minister Yaakov Litzman also met with Minister Peretz, but according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health, in view of the fact that he has already contracted the virus, he should not go into isolation.


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