Minister Peeters calls for a visit to the car inspection in time …


Flemish Minister for Mobility Lydia Peeters and the car inspection sector call on the Flemish to plan a visit to the car inspection in time, to avoid a late inspection, the associated allowances and possible fines. It has been busy at the Flemish inspection stations for several weeks and even by appointment the citizen cannot always have the technical inspection of his vehicle carried out quickly. Those who wait until the last moment will get into trouble unintentionally, the minister and sector warn Tuesday.

It is currently busier than usual at the Flemish inspection centers for several reasons. “Summer is a busy period anyway, but now there is a catch-up movement of 400,000 vehicles on top of that because the inspection activities were temporarily stopped due to corona measures,” says Peeters. “At the same time, however, there has been a temporary increase in the number of second-hand inspections, not only from Flanders but also from Brussels and Wallonia. The sale of second-hand cars has risen sharply in recent months, as the inspection centers also notice. ”

According to the minister, citizens often postpone their visit to the inspection until shortly before the expiry date of their inspection certificate. Due to the current pressure, it can then happen that they can only make an appointment after the expiry date of their inspection certificate. You can offer a vehicle for a periodic inspection from 2 months before the reference date, while retaining that date. The vehicles that had to go to the inspection from March 13 to June 3 have an extended validity until November 4, 2020 because of the corona measures. Police and insurance companies are aware of that postponement. According to Peeters, half of the overtaking movement of the inspections that could not take place due to the corona measures has now taken place.


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