Minister Ohana to the mother of the fighter who was wounded last night: “You have a hero son. He saved a life”


Minister of Internal Security Amir Ohana today, together with senior police officers, visited Sergeant Shani M., who was wounded and neutralized the terrorist last night in a terrorist attack in Jerusalem. The fighter testified: “I was standing at the gate, I was thinking to myself what would I do if a terrorist came and suddenly he stabbed me. I fired several bullets at him and neutralized him.”

Minister of Internal Security Amir Ohana, Deputy Commissioner Superintendent Moti Cohen, Border Police Commander Superintendent Yaakov Shabtai, Jerusalem District Commander Superintendent Doron Yadid and Chief of Staff Superintendent Einat Gil Tzubari visited the Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus this morning (Tuesday). Sgt. M., a border fighter who was wounded in the stabbing attack in the Old City of Jerusalem, and heard from him about what happened in the incident.

Sgt. M. testified: “I was standing at the gate, I was thinking to myself what would I do if a terrorist came and suddenly he stabbed me. I fired several bullets at him and neutralized him.”

Photo: Police Spokeswoman

As mentioned yesterday, around 8:40 PM, a police force operating in the area of ​​the entrance to the Temple Mount (in the Old City) approached a terrorist who pulled out a knife, with which he stabbed Sgt. M. a border fighter and wounded him moderately. Despite his injury, Sgt. M. recovered, pulled out his weapon, fired at the terrorist and neutralized him.

Minister of Internal Security Amir Ohana said during a visit to Sgt. M.: “I know that you completed your training with honors, yesterday your honors were successfully expressed. You will operate the event efficiently, resolutely and quickly – and you deserve all the praise. “You are an example and role model for Border Police fighters and Israeli police officers. I thank the medical staff who treat you with dedication and wish you complete and speedy healing.”

To the mother of Sgt. M., Minister Ohana said: “You have a hero’s son. He saved a life. ”

Ohana visiting. Photo: Police Spokeswoman

Acting Commissioner of Police, Superintendent Moti Cohen, told Sgt. M. who was wounded in the attack:
“In recent years, Israeli police officers, including Border Police fighters, have been at the forefront of the fight against terrorism in the State of Israel. Protecting Israeli citizens and fighting terrorism means sacrifice, striving for contact and courage, all of which you expressed with great excellence in your performance last night. And wounded you, deserving of all praise and appreciation, reflects the values ​​of the police and is expected of every policeman.I am sure that the training you have already completed with honors and turned you into a border fighter, has contributed you valuable and professional in dealing with the terrorist that prevented further harm to police and innocent civilians. I wish you a speedy and complete recovery and I am sure that you will return with you and the operational activity alongside your friends soon. ”

Dr. Daniel Weiss, director of trauma at Hadassah Mount Scopus, updated the visit: “Sgt. M. was injured in the lateral wall of the chest and his condition is now defined as mild. The knife did not penetrate the chest wall and this prevented a more serious injury. He underwent a surgical procedure. “Small and will continue to recover. I expect him to be released quickly from the hospital.”


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