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אמיר אוחנה

Amir OhanaPhoto: Gili Yaari / Flash90

I do not know what made former Commissioner Yohanan Danino launch a media attack after a long period that was not in the headlines (at least not in his favor …), but still a few words on the matter.

Let’s start from the end to the beginning:

Yoav Yitzhak recently announced that the Attorney General of the State Attorney’s Office, retired Judge David Rosen, is currently investigating a serious case involving Danino and his friend Shai Nitzan (see link in the second response).

It seems that Danino is going to get much less flattering headlines soon (along with others), and maybe that’s why he’s been rushed to rake in one pleasant headline.

Anyway, this week Danino shouted that “Ohana has crossed a red line. The police must do everything to allow the demonstrations in Balfour. In the 2011 protest we closed Tel Aviv for two months and never used an olive grove” (screenshot in the first response).

The former commissioner tells only part of the picture.

Indeed, in the 2011 social protest, the police allowed Tel Aviv to be closed for two months and never operated an olive grove (incidental note to the benefactors: could you think of anything in common between the 2011 protest and the 2020 protest?).

In contrast, in the Ethiopian protest in May 2015, while Danino served as commissioner, they used not only hallucinations, horses and cavalry, but also dozens of stun grenades thrown at the protesters – as can be clearly seen in the attached video (full video – in the third response).

I’m not asking for political police. On the contrary: only a police attitude equal to all population groups – will ensure a non-political police force.

I have never asked the police to use or not to use stun grenades, batons or handcuffs in a demonstration – against any person or group.

I’m not dealing with “how.” This is an operational consideration of the police.

I am dealing with “what”: a proper balance between the freedom of demonstration and protest, and the freedom of movement and public order, with equal treatment for all populations: right, left, Ethiopians, ultra-Orthodox, Arabs, settlers or in short – everyone.


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