Minister of Education: “I stopped the abolition of the culture basket in the education system”


As part of the new instructions of the Minister of Education, Yoav Galant, in which he is preparing for the next school year and this time in the field of culture. Galant announced on his Twitter account that he is allocating eight million shekels for a temporary solution to the culture basket in the education system: “Tonight I stopped the abolition of the culture basket in the education system and I assumed allocating eight million shekels for a temporary solution by the end of 2020.” But the final approval must also be obtained in the Knesset, where Galant accuses the Education Committee of implementing the directive: “The completion of the amount for the current year is conditional on the approval of the Knesset Education Committee, which refuses to discuss the issue.”

The Writers’ Association welcomes the decision of the Minister of Education to withdraw from the abolition of the culture basket. Zvika Nir, chairman of the Writers’ Association: “I am glad that the Minister accepted our request not to cancel the culture basket, in order to ensure that the cultural heroes of the children of Israel will not just be TV characters, network stars or computer game applications. The culture basket enables the preservation of the Hebrew language and the acquaintance of the younger generation with poets and writers as cultural heroes and mentors for life ”

Earlier this week, Galant and Finance Minister Israel Katz unveiled the full plan for the opening of the upcoming school year. At the request of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance will budget NIS 4.2 billion for the “Economic Security Network to Operate the Education System.” Benjamin Netanyahu, however, needs the approval of the government, and the plan was formulated in accordance with the concept that the education system needs to be prepared to operate the educational institutions in the reality of the Corona disease in an outbreak-preventing scenario.

Galant’s decision to assist in the cultural field in his office is among the first clear steps taken in the course industry. Last week, the Korna Committee held a discussion on the crisis in the industry following the spread of the corona virus. The discussion dealt with about 150,000 cultural figures, including everyone involved in the subject, from maintenance people to the artists themselves, who found themselves without a livelihood. Although they came out without a specific decision, during the discussion, the Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Itamar Grotto, said that an outline can be drawn for the opening of the culture industry: “We see some stabilization in morbidity and there is an opportunity for change.”


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