Minister De Jonge wants compulsory quarantine after source and contact investigation


If it turns out that someone has come into contact with a person infected with the corona virus, they must be quarantined from now on. Corona Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) writes this in a letter to the Lower House on Tuesday.

Until now, only urgent advice has applied. The minister wants to stem the further spread of the coroan virus more quickly. This is because the number of infections has been increasing again in recent weeks.


If someone from the GGD hears that they have been in contact with an infected person, they will be asked to stay at home for two weeks. Compliance “will therefore be checked”, De Jonge writes. “Anyone who does not comply with an imposed enforced quarantine measure commits a criminal offense.”

What kind of punishment offenders risk, the Public Prosecution Service will work out in the near future. Ultimately, it is up to the judge to impose a sentence. The stricter rules are to take effect halfway through next week.

Mandatory home quarantine after vacation in orange areas

The call for quarantine is also becoming less informal in other areas. For example, the cabinet wants to be able to require travelers from so-called orange areas to go into home quarantine. However, there is not yet a legal basis for such a measure. The cabinet wants to amend the law for this.

The cabinet is also investigating whether people can be obliged to cooperate in the source and contact investigation. According to the GGDs, more and more people refused to cooperate in recent weeks.

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