Million euros from Just Wellness hair removal clinic embezzled, owner is stuck


The former director and co-owner of Just Wellness in Valkenswaard has lost about a million euros. Paul L. from Leende received the money from clients of his hair removal salons. Ten thousand of them demand money back because, according to them, the treatments were not carried out or were poorly performed.

The embezzled amount was spent on luxury cars between 2017 and last year. This is evident from the bankruptcy report of bankruptcy trustee Joep Schreurs. Paul L. has been in prison since the beginning of July.

Never received treatment
It was also announced around that time that Just Wellness had filed for bankruptcy. After weeks, this put an end to uncertainty among customers and staff. At least ten thousand customers have demanded their money back through curator Schreurs. They paid for treatments, but never received them.

Most of the Just Wellness branches were located in Brabant. Inexpensive hair removal treatments were offered at the salons. Customers bought packages for amounts ranging from a few tens to a few hundred euros. They could then have unlimited treatment, at least that was promised. However, it turned out to be too good to be true. The company therefore went bankrupt, with a debt of 4.5 million euros and twenty thousand customers duped.

Rash and burns
Angry customers were stirring, including on social media. They were angry that they had lost their money, but there were also many complaints about the treatments. For example, the hair removal would not have the desired effect and photos were shared of rashes and burns that would have arisen at Just Wellness.


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