Military source for Al-Jazeera: We will not land a deliberate blow on Hezbollah


The Qatari network reported that an IDF source said that Israel was not interested in a confrontation with the terrorist organization, adding that “preventing Iran from establishing a foothold in Syria is a priority.” The IDF denied the reports:

Amir Bohbot and Yifat Rosenberg

In the video: The place at the foot of Mount Dov where a RPG and a Givati ​​fighter were killed in 2015 in a Hezbollah anti-tank attack (Photo: Amir Bohbot)

An IDF source said that Israel has no intention of inflicting a deliberate blow on Hezbollah or Lebanon, Al-Jazeera reported today (Sunday). Is our top priority. We have no intention of carrying out a preemptive strike against Hezbollah or Lebanon. ”

According to al-Jazeera, the military source said, “We will respond with force to any attack by Hezbollah, and among our targets will also be the infrastructure in Lebanon. Border alertness continues as long as it requires it.”

“We will respond with force to any Hezbollah attack.” IDF soldiers on the Lebanese border, last week (Photo: AP)
IDF maintains high alert for fear of another attack. Lebanese border, last week (Photo: Reuters)

Tensions on the northern border began about two weeks ago, with the attack in Damascus attributed to Israel. During the attack in Syria, a Hezbollah operative was killed. Following the incident and fear of a terrorist attack by the terrorist organization, the IDF raised the level of alert on the Lebanese border, and ordered a change in the deployment of forces along with the blocking of deputies.

A few days after the incident in Syria, a Hezbollah squad infiltrated Israeli territory in the Har Dov area, and fled the scene after the IDF opened fire on the force. Hezbollah denied any connection to the incident, but the IDF continued to reinforce forces along the border. Deter the terrorist organization and fear further terrorist attacks.


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