Miki Zohar: I would recommend Netanyahu to support the overcoming clause


(Photo: Hadas Porush / Flash 90)

Coalition chairman MK Miki Zohar tweeted tonight (Sat): “I recommend that Netanyahu support the overcoming clause that will come up this week. We must not go against our voters.”

Zohar refers to Ayelet Shaked’s bill, which aims to stop the disqualification of laws by the High Court, as it did, for example, in the Infiltrators Law, and now the Nationality Law (which is a basic law) is under discussion.

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“Will they vote or cry?”: Shaked raises the overcoming clause


To calm tensions between the coalition and the opposition, following the Likud vote in favor of the Judicial Inquiry Committee, and blue-and-white support for a law banning conversion therapy, the Legislative Committee will not convene this week, effectively approving only Corona-related laws. Meaning – all private bills will not receive the support of the coalition and as a result will be rejected in advance.

MK Ayelet Shaked, who is determined to challenge the Likud and raise the bill on Wednesday, will try to embarrass the Likud, which will have to vote against the law. Zohar’s goal is for the Likud to vote in favor of the law, but like the judges’ inquiry committee, it will vote blue and white. And left-wing parties.

“We will not allow anti-democratic legislation, as we promised the Israeli public and this is what we will do to preserve the State of Israel. This is what was agreed when we formed the unity government. We will abide by the agreements, and expect our other partners to abide by them.”

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