“Microsoft Surface Duo Available Late August”


According to insiders, Microsoft plans to launch the Surface Duo in August, after which the smartphone will be in stores at the end of August. The Surface Duo is an Android smartphone with two screens that you can open like a small book.

Microsoft announced last year that the Surface Duo will hit the market around Christmas 2020, but rumors are now speaking of an early launch. The Windows Central website has heard from insiders at Microsoft that the Surface Duo will be released in the week of August 24. If this is correct, Microsoft will probably hold an online launch moment before then to share all the details of the smartphone with us.

Microsoft may opt for an early launch because Samsung will also introduce its Galaxy Note 20 in August. The Surface Duo is interesting because of the extra screen space for the same type of consumer, which means that the smartphones will compete with each other. If Microsoft waits a long time to launch, the company will lose potential customers.

It is still unclear whether the Microsoft Surface Duo is also coming to the Netherlands and what recommended price the smartphone will receive. In another post, we already shared the expected specifications of the Surface Duo.

via [AW]


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