Microsoft renews focus on Windows with latest reforms


Microsoft is making some significant changes to the way it runs Windows. It looks like the company has a renewed focus on the operating system that made it big.

Earlier this year, Microsoft made Panos Panay responsible for Windows and is now making changes to the team. These changes are the result of the decision to divide Windows into two parts. This choice was made more than two years ago after the departure of former Windows chief Terry Myerson.

After its decision to reform, Microsoft transferred the development of Windows to a cloud and AI team Azure. A new group focuses on Windows 10 experiences, such as apps, the Start menu and new features. Now Microsoft is bringing parts of Windows development back under the control of Panos Panay. The Windows fundamentals and developer experience teams are back on the Windows team.

From this step we can conclude that splitting up Windows development did not go entirely according to plan. We also see this in a messy development experience for Windows 10, deferred Windows updates, few major new functions and many problems with updating Windows.

Shift in focus within Microsoft

Despite the reform, Panay’s Windows team will still work closely with the core engineering side of Windows under Azure. The redistribution will provide more consistency and a greater focus on Windows within Microsoft. “Windows is a collaboration,” explains Panay. “Innovation and success are only possible through close collaboration with other teams within Microsoft,” said Panos Panay.

The current pandemic has proven how important Windows is to Microsoft. The use of Windows has skyrocketed as workers and students around the world are using laptops and computers to work from home instead of cell phones. Microsoft recognized this shift earlier this year and decided to focus its Windows 10X operating system more on laptops rather than dual-screen devices.

Create something magical

In an internal memo, Panay said he was excited to welcome new members to his Windows team. “We are going to create something magical together with this team and our partners,” said Panay. The memo also shows that the Windows team will mainly focus on three areas in the coming period:

  • Delivering iconic experiences, impacting both modern working and living
  • Grow the Windows and Surface divisions and deliver the best possible end-user experience
  • Leading the industry through innovation and technology


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