Mickey Zohar ousted Shlomo Qara from the Central Election Commission


Coalition Chairman MK Mickey glows (Likud) ousted the MK this morning (Wednesday) Shlomo Krai From his position on the Central Election Commission, this is contrary to the Prime Minister’s decision Benjamin Netanyahu On the subject. Qarai refused to respond to Maariv’s request, and wrote on his Twitter account: “Before a genius fracture and before a failure, his spirit was high” (Proverbs 16:18).

Conflict between Mickey Zohar and Shasha Bitton on the Corona Committee. Photo: Knesset Channel

The confrontation between the two began with the loss of the coalition in the first reading vote on the bill banning conversion therapies, in which Qarai was not present and chose to offset with the opposition. As stated, after the vote, Qarai then addressed the faction members and called on them to sign the document calling for the removal of Zohar from his positions as faction chairman and coalition chairman. He stopped the act only when Netanyahu asked him to stop.

After the defeat in the vote, Zohar received approval from the Prime Minister to impose sanctions, or in other words, penalties, on Knesset members who do not comply with the coalition’s disciplinary demands. A day and a positive for reaching the plenum.


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