Mickey Glow: The story between us and Blue and White is about to end


Knitted News02.08.20 18:05 Twelfth of Av Tashp

(Photo: Jonathan Zindel / Flash 90)

Coalition chairman Mickey Zohar confirms that the Likud and Blue and White unity government will not last long and says the story between the two parties is about to end.

In an interview with Net B, Zohar said that “there is a chasm between us and blue and white on many issues at an ideological level and we are not really able to function as a good coalition.”

Stormy confrontation between Zohar and Katz (Credit: Knesset Channel)

He said: “This is similar to a couple who want a divorce, feel that Otto is entering the rabbinate and signing the divorce. This is the feeling that exists at the moment – no matter what is done, it is about to end between us and Blue and White.”

Zohar stressed that “in the last month I have felt that the situation is deteriorating. Today we have reached a point that is the worst since the formation of the government. We are at a critical junction where we need to decide where we are headed. Go to the polls. “

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“Every decision we make has a price. Because there is currently no coalition stability – this deterioration will only continue,” the coalition chairman said.

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