Michelle Obama Reveals Depression Because of the Corona


Opens the heart. Michelle ObamaPhoto: Gettyimages

Michelle Obama She opened up about her mental state and revealed that she suffers from a mild depression that developed in her during the period of closure, as a result of the spread of the corona. During the former First Lady’s podcast, Obama spoke openly with her listeners and fans about her past experiences in recent months.

“There were times throughout the closure that I felt I was in too low a place. I went through the same ups and downs that I think everyone feels,” Michelle shared, adding: “Sometimes I would go into a week where I had to give in to this situation and not be so hard on myself. A direct result of just being out of your body mentally, these are busy times. ”

During the podcast, Michelle explained that much of the depression she was experiencing was due to the escalation of the social situation in the country and pointed an accusing finger at the United States leadership. “Seeing this administration, watching its hypocrisy day after day, is disturbing. Part of the depression I experience is also a result of what we see in terms of the demonstrations, the ongoing racism that has plagued this country since its birth. I wake up to the news, wake up to how this administration reacted or not “I wake up to another story of a black man who was hurt, killed or wrongfully accused. It’s exhausting. It added weight to me that I had not felt in my life for a while.”

Facing difficulties she has not experienced in a long time (Photo: Gettyimages)Facing difficulties she has not experienced in a long timePhoto: Gettyimages

During the podcast, Michelle said that in those days she wakes up feeling distressed and depressed, she takes a break from all her pursuits, even if it means turning off her cell phone and taking a moment to herself, sitting alone, hanging out with her husband, the former president of the United States Barack Obama, And of course with their two daughters, Melia andSasha. “I try to maintain a routine, train and try to get out.” Michelle added that she usually spends most of the day alone, not with family members, but every evening at 5pm they all gather for dinner and relaxing activities. “Puzzles have become something big with us. The girls are totally into it and we all sit on the floor, around the table on which the puzzle is placed, sitting down to eat and talk a little bit.”

A winning pair! Michelle and Barack Obama (Photo: Gettyimages)

A winning pair! Michelle and Barack ObamaPhoto: Gettyimages

"Don 't worry, I'm here" (Photo: Gettyimages)

“Do not worry, I’m here”Photo: Gettyimages


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