Michael Ojo fell ill in Corona before his death


(getty) | Photo: Sports 5

The tragedy in European basketball, in which Michael Ojo was killed is beginning to clear up. The Nigerian chin of the Red Star Belgrade, who died on Friday of a heart attack after collapsing in personal training – fell ill in Corona. This was revealed tonight (Monday) by the club’s president, Nebuja Covic, in an interview with the Serbian media.

The virus was diagnosed in Ojo in early July and led to an acute lung palm. According to Chovich, Ojo returned to practice before receiving approval from doctors, and did three workouts before the day of his death (then received permission to return to light training).

“The doctor and the group manager went to the hospital and identified his body,” Chowitz said. “Then we talked to his family. We have a moral obligation to do whatever the family asks and do some tests.” On July 6, Ojo was diagnosed with pneumonia, his blood test showed the same signs on July 29, and another test on August 5 showed a slowdown in inflammation.

That day he was given permission to perform light exercise, which means that as soon as he feels tired he should stop exercising. The problem for the red star is that even before death Ugo made it clear to his doctors that he was getting tired quickly. In any case, the story gets more complicated. The Nigerian embassy insists on revealing the whole truth behind Oju’s death and the investigation continues and will be clarified after the autopsy.


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