Mexico now has more corona deaths than Great Britain Abroad


The Mexican corona death toll rose by 688 to 46,688 on Friday, the ministry reported. More deaths are known only in Brazil and the United States.

In total, more than 424,000 infections with the lung virus are known in Mexico. Friday, 9459 new infections were diagnosed, a record. According to experts, the number of corona infections is probably considerably higher, because relatively few people are tested.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador recently said that the pandemic in his country is losing “intensity” and criticized “conservative media,” which he says are raising unnecessary alarms about the situation in the country. The president himself is criticized for publicly refusing to wear a mask.

On Friday, Lopez Obrador said that he plans to continue the celebration of the national holiday on September 16 in Mexico City “at a social distance”. Every year, on Mexican Independence Day, thousands of people gather in Zócalo Square in the capital. The Mexicans always go out to celebrate the holiday, the president said. “Faced with adversity, with epidemics, with floods, earthquakes, bad governments, we always go out,” said Lopez Obrador. “Now we will continue with that.”


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