Meunier reveals: “I had already signed a contract with Dortmund at the time”


Thomas Meunier exchanged PSG for Borussia Dortmund last summer. Relations with PSG had cooled. Meunier explains at Sport1 that he had signed with the Germans before the Champions League match with Dortmund.

“I had signed with Dortmund before that match (February 18, ed.),” Says the Red Devil. “I had goosebumps during that match. For me it was the first time that I was allowed to play football in such a stadium, with such an atmosphere. At Dortmund you always have a lot more supporters and everyone was standing up. I thought ‘wow, here. I’m going to play next year ‘”

Meunier previously indicated that he found PSG’s new contract proposal ridiculous, but technical director Leonardo does not think he has treated his Red Devil disrespectfully. He was clearly in favor of that a few weeks ago The Parisian.


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