Meunier reveals extravagant parties at PSG: ‘We went billiards in Bruges …’


Thomas Meunier said goodbye to Paris-Saint Germain this summer. He opted for a transfer to Borussia Dortmund. He also said goodbye to life in Paris and the birthday parties of his teammates.

According to Meunier, they were also unforgettable. “The birthday parties at PSG were really incredible”, Meunier tells RTBF. “At Club Brugge we went for a birthday party to play billiards or have a drink. But at PSG it was really extravagant”, said the right back.

“The birthday parties were a reflection of the club. A building was rented, a palace. Parties were held with hundreds of people. You could see at PSG that they were more than footballers, they were stars. I think that’s really crazy.”

Although Meunier says he always enjoyed himself there. “Things like that create a sense of community and you need that. But it is not organized in a normal way. It is organized in the Parisian way. It was something new for me to discover this world,” said Meunier.

Neymar, among others, has been noticed in recent years with his birthday parties. His last birthday was celebrated at the YoYo nightclub. There was a lot of criticism from coach Thomas Tuchel, who found it difficult to accept that there was still a party 48 hours before a match.


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